Enjoy the freedom of flight over roads in the way only a Harley Davidson can deliver. Climb on this black and chrome mechanical masterpiece and click the power switch to on. Press the starter button and the 96 cubic inch fuel injected American V twin barks to life. You can hear each cylinder fire in tune with the shake of the engine beneath you. A quick check of your gear pull in the clutch and toe the shiftier down into gear with a solid thud. From the first time you twist that throttle and let that clutch out, you will be hooked. Nothing else moves you in a way as raw and confidently as this bike can. It’s loud but not obnoxious you can feel the engine solidly running as you pull thru the gears. As you rev out the engine the shake at idle is replaced with a smooth powerful growl. Its a solid bike but not too heavy it rides soft yet corners confidently.

The Harley Dyna series is an excellent combination of what makes a Harley a “Harley” and still be a bike you actually be able to and WANT to ride. The engine is not counterbalanced so it shakes a lot but that goes away at higher RPMs so you can cruise in relative comfort. Its air-cooled for simplicity and leaves with less to maintain but it does have modern fuel injection that just WORKS so there is no choke, no fuel valves, no hassles before you even start your ride. It just starts runs and rides FLAWLESSLY. These bikes have some weight to them but still throw down comfortable in the curves. It’s nicely balanced and feels solid and confident starting stopping and turning. The ride is nice and comfortable but also confident. Nothing else looks like, sounds like, or feels like a Harley plain and simple.

This specific super glide has a couple tasteful upgrades. The pipes are Vance & Hines but still have the baffles in place so you can certainly hear it but not from 2 miles away. The stock seat is decent but left a lot to be desired for the passenger so it has been upgraded to one with a little more padding in the “butt” for the person in back. This can be removed independently to make it a solo seat too if you wish! The overall condition here is good with normal blemishes mostly that could be polished away. a few scratches and rubbed areas on the paint of the rear fender but the tank and front fender are flawless. The battery cover is rough around the edges but a brand new one paint matched in the box is included. The tires were replaced a couple hundred miles ago along with a recent service (full synthetic) The bike currently has about 16k on the clock and that will go up as I find time to actually ride. This is a great bike but its time to move on to a toy that’s more “whole family” friendly. $7450 makes it yours. Call or text with any questions.

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