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Can't be bothered to go look for your next project? Bid on local vehicles, parts, tools, and even equipment from the comfort of your own home by visiting our online auction.

Roscoe's Auction

Want to save a buck by buying a crappy car? Roll the dice with a little more confidence. Buy one of our used cars that comes with an honest list of known issues.

Used cars and trucks

Is your car acting a fool but you're not quite ready to have us fix, crush or sell your car? Let our network of trusted towing companies work as hard for you as they do for us!

Tow Truck

Mad at your car? Get PAID to watch it leave on our truck. We pay cash for junk cars and offer immediate junk car removal. We buy junk cars, trucks and vans.

Wrecked Truck

More about our various services....

Junk Cars & Towing, Done right!

We will start this story in the middle of 2010 when our founder decided to get (back) into auto salvage and junk car removal. It was determined quite early on that many of the junk vehicles purchased could have some life left in them with a little work. A small, honest used car sales lot was born. The used car lot sells a quirky mix of vehicles. They range from fixed 110% to others that have a laundry list of known issues. A few consignment vehicles are thrown in for a true variety that can not be found anywhere else.

Various auto repair shops in the area were tried. Each offering its own unique, dishonest practices. This was greatly frustrating our team at the little, used car lot.  We simply wanted honest service whether the vehicle was good, bad or otherwise. It was determined that for less than what is being spent elsewhere; we could have our own little car repair shop and our own skilled mechanics that would fix our cars the way we wanted. For a good while, we offered these same services to the public but found this to be more problematic than profitable so we no longer offer this service.

Our primary focus is still Towing and buying junk cars. We pay a fair price, in cash and offer immediate removal of the unwanted vehicle at no additional charge. We buy junk cars in absolutely any condition. The government cash for clunkers program may be over but we sill pay cash for cars. We buy junk cars in Richmond VA as well as surrounding areas. Call us or fill out the quote form at any time.

Marketing & Websites, Done Selectively.

So what else does Roscoe's do? I have always heard stuff about Roscoe and computers but he consistently denies it in person...... It's true, don't believe a word he says! Our founder has a background in IT as do a number of the team members. This has allowed Roscoe's to stay in the front of the line when it has come to internet exposure and online advertising in the salvage industry. Growing competition from national competitors has encouraged us to refine but also expand how our advertising is done. The tactics we use have allowed us to not only maintain but dramatically grow the business over the last few years.

This same team of skilled professionals can also be available to help you grow your business too! From e-commerce and online service forms to marketing with PPC and SEO for your website. Who else would you call for such things then your local junk car removal service? This may sound silly but it is fun to tell folks the local junk dealer fixed your website! While we do offer these services to the public, Roscoe is selective of what projects he will take on. You need to have a solid goal in mind, a budget, and your own time to devote to the project. You must also have a solid business model with a good reputation in the community to be a candidate to work with our team.

NOTE: It was requested this be added: Will we fix your computer? NO. Your website? Maybe. Your online advertising on Google, Bing, Yahoo or Facebook? Yes!

But, Anyways.

The salvage business originally got its start by accident but we have made the best of a good situation by combining a love for the industry with an honest work ethic.  This allows us and our customers to sleep soundly at night. All of the branches of this business maintain an A+ Rating with the better business bureau. We take pride in what we do and we hope you will be proud that you chose to do business with us.

Not the Roscoe's you were looking for? Here are a few others we know about!

We certainly love us some Dukes of Hazzard but no, We are not related to Sheriff Rosco P Coaltrain. He spells it wrong too! We are not sure where to find him at any given time but Cooters Place would be a good spot to start your search.

This is the one we hear about the most. NO, we do not sell chicken nor do we sell waffles but these folks do! Unfortunately not in any of the areas we currently offer our services. If some kind soul would like to somehow safely mail us some Roscoe's we would love to try it!

Are you in the Chicago area and looking for a good time? It has come to our attention there is a Roscoe's over that way that the local "fellas" are quite fond of. Roscoe's Tavern - Chicago’s Premiere Gay Bar and Dance Club

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