bus drivers should focus on parked cars

Someone actually bought this! SOLD!

2012 Ford Focus. LOOK! A Ford that’s broken at no fault of its own. The back story on this one is that apparently, a bus driver was unable to FOCUS on parked cars leading to this puddle jumper taking a hit and coming out a little worse for wear. One of our customers saw the pics and said it looked a little BUS-ted…. All puns aside this one appears to be mostly cosmetic. Starts runs, and drives around the lot fine. A lack of a working hood latch has kept us from taking it out on the road tho. It needs a good number of body parts to be right again and at the end of that remember it will still be a ford. Great little car for a fix-up project. Clear VA Title in hand. Selling as-is!

More pics, details and other questionable vehicles can be found @www.CREAMoftheCRAP.net

front end damage on a 2012 ford focus

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