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Mad at your car? Get PAID to watch it leave on our truck. We pay cash for junk cars and offer immediate junk car removal. We buy junk cars, trucks and vans in any condition.

Can't be bothered to go look for your next project? Bid on vehicles & parts, for sale by local seller's comfort of your home by visiting our online auction.

Is your car acting a fool but you're not quite ready to have us fix, crush or sell your car? Let our network of trusted towing companies work as hard for you as they do for us!

Want to save a buck by buying a crappy car? Roll the dice with a little more confidence. Buy one of our used cars that come with an honest list of known issues.

See a crack deal on a used car? Price too good to be true? It's Probably Cheap for a Reason. If only you knew what it was....

It's not hard to find a good price on a used car. What's challenging is finding a "good" car for any price. What if you could just find an Honest used car at a fair price? One that may have a few problems that you could live with or even repair yourself?

We have built a reputation for selling honest cheap used cars. Our ads are brutal, often humorous but most importantly, honest. Our cars are, as they say, "cheap for a reason" and we make a point to tell you what those reasons are. Every effort is made to provide our customers with as much information about the vehicles we sell as we can.

You may find a better car somewhere else but you won't find a better deal then you will get at Roscoe's. Now offering Vehicles for sale from other dealers, private sellers, and local charities. Check out our listings and tow away your own great deal! 

See our retail list of used cars HERE

View ALL Auction items HERE

Not the Roscoe's you were looking for? Here are a few others we know about!

We certainly love us some Dukes of Hazzard but no, We are not related to Sheriff Rosco P Coaltrain. He spells it wrong too! We are not sure where to find him at any given time but Cooters Place would be a good spot to start your search.

This is the one we hear about the most. NO, we do not sell chicken nor do we sell waffles but these folks do! Unfortunately not in any of the areas we currently offer our services. If some kind soul would like to somehow safely mail us some Roscoe's we would love to try it!

Are you in the Chicago area and looking for a good time? It has come to our attention there is a Roscoe's over that way that the local "fellas" are quite fond of. Roscoe's Tavern - Chicago’s Premiere Gay Bar and Dance Club

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