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Sell Your Car in Any Condition, Fast!

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You want to sell your car that needs some repairs but you are not fond of the idea of dealing with the calls, the questions, haggling, sketchy people that show up, or worse, the people that don't show up at all. 

What if there is an easier way to sell a car?

How about a place that will handle all aspects of selling your car for you?

-Pick the vehicle up if it can't be driven safely or the tags are expired. (towing fees apply)

-Look the vehicle over and write a detailed honest ad for the car posted in all the right places.

-Answer questions for people interested in buying the vehicle.

-Show the car or truck for sale to potential buyers.

-Handle the transaction when it comes time to make the sale. 

Sell Your Car at Roscoe's Auction!

Roscoe's Auction offers a fantastic program for people who want to sell Repairable vehicles, for a fair price, fast. We have established a reputation for being an honest dealership that specializes in selling honest cheap used cars that need work. Because of this straight forward way of doing business, we have a large number of dedicated buyers that are eager to do business with us. Our online auction platform allows us to offer your vehicles for sale alongside our own to this ever-growing group of individuals and dealers. 

How do I sell my car at Roscoe's Auction?

Selling a car truck or van with us is easy. Fill out the form below with as many details as possible. One of our brokerage agents will contact you shortly to get any additional details and schedule a drop off appointment or a tow for you.