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Automotive Lifestyle topics are rarely found on local forums anymore but rather have moved to blogs, and social media but the local groups and backyard race teams are still alive and well as they ever were. The forum that once lived on is long gone. However, below you will find poorly organized links to automotive lifestyle resources from parts suppliers to enthusiast groups. Obviously, I will link to resources provided by companies I work with but this is a totally unbiased page! Even if you are a total jerk I will happily post a link to your site, blog, store, etc right here for everyone to enjoy!

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Like performance suspension? Don't we all? Well for those of you that live in a hole TURRY still builds and sells a damn fine product right here in Richmond (powhantan) you can find info about their performance Coiloversor if you are ready to buy go right to the Fortune Auto Store be sure to tell them Roscoe sent ya!

slick celica racecar for parking lot pimps

By The Editor | May 8, 2018

SOLD! Because Race-car Life, YO $750 Richmond, VA Ever wanted a supra but was unable to justify the expense? I have a reasonable solution for you right here. Sure its not rear wheel drive, or turbo, or a 6 cylinder, or fast, or even nice to look at but its a Toyota just like a…

dumpy honda crv

By The Editor | May 8, 2018

SOLD! (happens every time, still can’t figure out why) CRAPPY HONDA – Yep, check this unicorn out! $850 Richmond, VA Are you one of those people that likes to win arguments and prove the “norm” wrong but need proof to back up your position? I have just the vehicle for you. Challenge everyone that tells…

escape the rust

By The Editor | May 8, 2018

SOLD! 2003 Ford “Escape” Hybrid. Avoid the hassles of actually driving by parking this fine example of undrivable automotive art in your driveway. We think the “hybrid” part means it was used as a boat because there is enough RUST under this thing to embarrass the Titanic. Sure it looks good up top, the interior…

bus drivers should focus on parked cars

By The Editor | May 8, 2018

Someone actually bought this! SOLD! 2012 Ford Focus. LOOK! A Ford that’s broken at no fault of its own. The back story on this one is that apparently, a bus driver was unable to FOCUS on parked cars leading to this puddle jumper taking a hit and coming out a little worse for wear. One…

Better use of a junk ford truck as a toolbox

By The Editor | May 8, 2018

Be the Envy of the Shop! Buy this Ford Truck Themed TOOLBOX. Richmond, VA. $1450 Why invest thousands of your hard earned dollars with Snap-On or Matco when you can get so much more storage space for a fraction of the cost! This rolling cabinet has space for every tool you could ever need. Not…

Sad story of a crashed challenger

By The Editor | May 8, 2018

SOLD! Challenger Accepted. These cars have been a real smash hit since they first came out and this one is no exception. Despite the fact that this one has all the fury of a Dodge Caravan under the hood it still slid into an unfortunate situation involving car math: speed X mass + immovable object…