The drift event through my eyes

The drift event was spectacular. All age groups are invited. I saw people from babies to older people there. Of course, the babies had ear muffs and some other little ones had them as well. All different styles of cars where there. Some rusty and duct taped together and some shiny and sparkle. There were both girls and boys. The girls were pretty and hip and some were more on the goth side. There were one or two girls that actually competed in the drift event. There were two food trucks. The smell of sandwiches filled the air the closer you got. It the pit area I could hear the music very well but the closer I was to track the less I heard the music and the more I could hear and smell the tires skidding. In the pit area, people were selling different stickers you could put on your bumper and shirts. I could also see people changing their tires and put their car up on jack stands to make sure nothing was to badly broken or damaged Also some crashes, close calls, and once or twice we had to push the wall back into the place with a truck.

I Decided to include a variety of photos and video I shot at the event.

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