Injured Box Turtle goes on a road trip. #HarveyTravels

This bold little fella caught our attention as we were heading to our families next adventure. Due to an injury, he will be coming along with us until he is healed but will be returned (to the exact same spot) as soon as we get back in town. He is quite a rascal.

While stopping to take a quick picture and then help it cross the road, this box turtle was found to have an injured shell likely from a slight impact with a car.
eastern box turtle with damaged and bleeding shell.
The turtles shell had some damage and was bleeding. No visible cracking but still an infection risk.
box turtle riding in a car
Despite the injuries this turtle got to exploring the truck quickly.
eastern box turtle on a car ride.
injured box turtle that was hit by a car with fresh bandage on its shell.
his wound has been cleaned treated and bandaged. The bandage will be replaced daily until it’s not needed. He’s been offered a worm already but has been thru a lot, does not seem interested in food yet. He will get more insects and some veggies tomorrow. 
The turtle has been named Harvey and is exploring with ease.

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