Need an excuse for being mad? Buy this bad Vibe. (Sold)

Need an excuse for being mad? Buy this bad Vibe. It comes with every excuse needed to justify grumpiness. It’s hard to tell if it’s a small car, a station wagon or a midget minivan, that’s pretty frustrating. Its got lots of miles on it, and the engine is as dead as the Pontiac brand itself. You can’t even drive it anywhere to share your grumpiness with others. The only thing you have to be happy about is the price. You get all this misery cheaper here then you can anywhere else!

2009 pontiac vibe (late model!) 
Bad engine (suspected head gasket last I heard) 
NO, you cant drive this to new york. (yes, we have to say this. People are just as stupid as they are grumpy!) 
It’s CHEAP Initial list price of $950!

Selling as-is for parts or repair. VADLR 804-840-5682

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This has SOLD!

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