Harvey’s Homecoming

With his travels around Virginia soon coming to a close, no adventure would be complete without checking out a little bit of fun in his own home town. Harvey visited the Mathews County Farmers Market this past Saturday to spread turtle crossing awareness. Harvey the box turtle made many new friends and had some fun exploring the courthouse square. He did run into a few fans of his blog and succeeded in spreading awareness about turtles crossing the road and how people can help.

harvey explores mathews courthouse
Heading into the square
box turtle entering mathews county courthouse square
Pet treats? Humm. Surely these folks care about turtles.
toddler with harvey the turtle
Excuse me, are you aware of the tragedies playing out on the roads of Mathews County. Turtles are plowed ove…..
glory beads vendor at the mathews county farmers market
Humans are so odd. They decorate themselves. Maybe this helps them be more visible to cars?
What is a gluten or a dairy? Why are they free? Sure, ill take one of each please.
harvey checking out bethel beach preserves at the farmers market in mathews county
This looks tasty!
Harvey meets one of his fans
It’s good to meet fans!
harvey the turtle posting his blog
Harvey wanted to make sure everyone knows that he does in fact participate in his blog posts.


  1. John Breeden on January 24, 2020 at 8:34 pm

    This is awesome! I thought I was one of the few left who stops for box turtles. I learned from my late father, who would have stopped traffic on I-95 if there were a turtle trying to cross. Keep up the good work!!!

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