Buy this car and SAVE MONEY ON GAS! (by not driving this broken civic hyrbid) (Sold)

LIBERAL yard art! Nothing says you are environmentally conscious like buying a foreign car with a hybrid drive train BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE! Since this car needs a major transmission repair you will save a TON by not driving it anywhere. YEP this is a three mode hybrid, gas, electric and pushing! That means more time for your neighbors to stare at it in envy! It does start and run really well, the trans makes noise but it still will move around so you can park it in different spots at night so your neighbors think you are mysterious and go do random things late at night. The body is straight, the interior is fair and it can be yours CHEAP. Enjoy the way I have suggested here or you could actually repair it and enjoy years of Honda reliability. More pics and details at

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This car has SOLD!

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