You could make a worse buy but please don’t. Buy MY dumpy Honda instead! (Sold)

Ever owned an over rated old honda like ‘”everyone” talks about being so great? No? BOOM here is your chance. I am sure you have seen someone driving an old honda that’s so beat if it was any other make or model it would be long in the junkyard by now. Well this ones not that bad yet but as cheap as I am selling it you could hit stuff with it to make it that bad and feel NO GUILT in the process. Now I make a point to not only keep my advertising honest, I make sure the cars are fun too! We decided to leave the bad distributor in this one to mix things up for you a bit. Will it start? will it just crank til the battery dies? who knows! Since the battery IS already dead you will want some jumper cables but we will jump it, once, for you at our lot :DThe paint is bad but the body is straight, the interior was gross, we did a half ass job cleaning it out but its better then it was. When it does run the motor sounds good but it shifts kinda “hard” into gear. Great for parts or repair. canlı bahis


More photos and details on the website under this vehicles listing @ “sellers notes”

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This has been SOLD

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