Need a full size 4×4 SUV on the cheap? YUKON buy this one! (Sold)

YUKON see people YUKON go places and YUKON move heavy things one you buy this trucksuvvanwagon. Utilize the four wheel drive to go places normal cars cant go. Waiting in line at the local walmart to get out of the parking lot? ROAD HOUSE drive over that curb. The body is pretty straight other then the drivers side front and passenger side rear doors due to minor bullet holes (southside) The front seats and center console are jacked up, the rest of the interior is also kinda just meh so its for sale cheaper then it would have been otherwise. This thing has a 5.3 VORTEC V8 gas engine under the hood so its basically powered by tornados. It does start run and drive really well, just passed state inspection!

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This has been SOLD!

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