Harvey takes action against cars hitting turtles.

Harvey decided survival was not enough and while he got lucky many other turtles never get a 2nd chance. It’s his time to take action! He decided that it was time to go straight to the State Capital with his grievances, Richmond VA.

The plan was simple. Find a good place to stay and search our appropriate authorities to help him address the issue. If he can’t find help then he will have no choice but to take matters into his own hands even if the measures are extreme. Read below for an account of his adventure.

First things first, he needed a home base and after a quick search by name, he knew he found the perfect spot to stay for a few days.

Harvey the turtle visits turtle creek apartments.

The first stop seemed logical even if its a totally illogical place. The Department of Motor Vehicles. Surely they could help persuade drivers to slow down and wait for turtles? Wrong. They would’t even let him in the building.

eastern box turtle visits dmv

After this negative experience Harvey lost all interest in being reasonable. He went straight to the classifieds and found what he needed. Its was time to fight fire with fire. Take an eye for an eye. A crushed car for a crushed shell.

sime metal gets visited by an eastern box turtle named harvey
Harvey found a listing for a car crusher for sale at Sims Metal Management!
box turtle on car crusher
This car crusher is BIG
little turtle on a big crusher

This looks like the PERFECT tool to solve the problem. Catch cars that wont stop for turtles and pile them into this thing!

Yes, we will go with CRUSH FLAT please!

Harvey is pretty content with the direction he has chosen but apparently, these folks won’t accept snails slugs or dirt as payment so he is going to turn to the Mathews County board of supervisors to help with funding as they have spent more money on stupider things in recent history.

Want to help? Come see Harvey at the farmers market this Saturday the 29th as he is now back HOME and looking forward to going back to his old stomping grounds.

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