Harvey the Turtle update – Visiting First Landing State Park

The next stop in Harvey’s adventure healing takes us to First Landing State Park. Harvey enjoyed the scenic forests, sandy beaches and even sampled some of the local food. His favorite parts of his visit. Ample worms & snails + spending time on the beach at sunset.

Here are a few photos of Harvey’s adventure in First Landing State Park

box turtle on a trail in first landing state park
Exploring Trails
Enjoying some sunbeams
harvey hiding in some brush
Relaxing in the forest
an eastern box turtle climbing a dune at first landing state park
Let’s go to the beach!
eastern box turtle harvey staring into the sunset
Staring into the sunset. Harvey did this for a LONG time is was neat.
Box turtle digging in the sand on the beach at first landing state park
A little bit of fun in the sand. (He was digging and came up like this)
eastern box turtle known as harvey roaming the beach at first landing
Time to go!

Next Stop: Richmond VA


  1. Nedra on June 24, 2019 at 9:03 pm

    Such a lucky turtle. Not all of them are so fortunate.

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